bunnywoods adoption centre

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


this is Cinnamon.
she is a very intelligent, wise & quiet [almost silent] rabbit. if she was ever to talk to u it would probably change your life. if u want this to happen u will have to ask tammy nicely because that's her new mom! Cinnamon will be leaving for the big smoke today.
born tuesday 5th april 2006.


this is Pear.
she is our second rabbit on the programme.
she has not yet been relocated, perhaps due to her daydreaming ways[she is happy, but not a very active bunny]. Pear was born tuesday 5th april 2006.
..........pear now lives with hilda in bicester, england!


this is penny. she is the first rabbit to enter the rabbit relocation programme and our first success story!
she will be traveling to Wales today to meet her new mom[who hopefully wont reject her]. Penny was born tuesday 5th april 2006.